Cesenatico is sea, traditions and fun, come to live it with us!

The central location of our hotel allows you to reach with a pleasant stroll the historic center of Cesenatico.
You can enjoy the taste of sea life that has been handed down for generations, admire the ancient boat in "Museo della Marineria", buy products freshly caught in our sea, and gathered in the nearby countryside, and typicality of all local culinary traditions.
Cesenatico is not just sea and sun, but also offers many opportunities to experience different times.
Discover all the pleasure and opportunities that a vacation here we can offer you.
Sea, sports, nature, entertainment, culture, food and wine combine to make you live unforgettable moments during your stay.

Beach & Holidays...

Places and traditions of life in Cesenatico to live and enjoy, TO NOT feel ONLY "Tourists" :-)

  • FRUIT km 0

    • Where: Piazzetta delle Conserve
    • Distance: 700 mt
    • What: The typical market of fruits and vegetables served daily from farms in the area where you will find only local seasonal products,
      for a snack at the beach or out of simple curiosity.
  • Fishing boats!

    • Where: Porto canale
    • Distance: 300 mt
    • What: Early in the morning fishermen return to port, accompanied by a trail of magic gulls, berthing to unload and sell that which the sea has given him.
      A unique show...
  • Aperitif at the sea

    • Where: Molo di levante
    • Distance: 70 mt
    • What: Along the harbor, the colors of the sunset and the first breeze after the heat of the day, have to drink a cocktail with the scent of mint and fruit. The feet on the lukewarm sand the calm Sea now remain in the heart ...
  • Concerts at sunrise

    • Where: Spiaggia
    • Distance: 50 mt
    • What: Throughout the summer, from 06.00 to 08.00 a rich program of live concerts in acoustic ... while watching the sunrise,
      accompanied by exclusive notes and fragrance of hot donuts.
  • Fishermen typical "Rustida"

    • Where: Porto canale, lato ponente
    • Distance: 300 mt
    • What: On August 14, the fishermen prepare with the fish of the day, a great grilled of charities. A moment of folklore and celebration that starts from early evening to continue with dance and music tradition.
  • Tradition's SHOPPING

    • Where: Porto canale
    • Distance: 200 mt
    • What: Among the narrow streets of the old town there are the shops of local products, away from the large retailers but rich in passion and care for our village. Warm cookies, fresh fish, hand-printed canvases...