The parks of the Riviera:
unforgettable sights, fun!

The Adriatic Coast is the cradle of amusement and themen parks to guarantee a holiday of joy.

Water parks, theme/educational and fun give the opportunity to children and adults to transform the holiday by the sea in something even more entertaining and informative.

The main amusement parks in Emilia Romagna, a few kilometers from Hotel Rosso Blu, Cesenatico

  • atlantica

    • Where: Cesenatico
    • Distance: 1 km
    • Type: Water park
    • Why to go: Alternatively to a beach day, for fans of the pool and slides, entertainment and fun among lakes and green areas.
  • mirabilandia

    • Where: Ravenna
    • Distance: 20 km
    • Type: Fun/Water park
    • Why to go: Attractions for adults and children, for those looking for adrenaline and speed, shows and entertainment from morning till evening.
  • italia in miniatura

    • Where: Rimini
    • Distance: 16 km
    • Type: Theme park
    • Why to go: Visit all of Italy in such a short time now is possible!
      A faithful reproduction of the boot and its wonders on scale.
  • oltremare

    • Where: Riccione
    • Distance: 37 km
    • Type: Themep park
    • Why to go: From the big bang to the present, an exciting journey on the evolution of the earth with its plant and animal species, dolphin lagoon and educational farm.

    • Where: Ravenna
    • Distance: 18 km
    • Type: Educational park
    • Why to go: Recently built, give to visitors opportunity to see up close but in safety, most famous savanna animal species: lions, tigers, elephants, antelopes, giraffes, hippos and many more!

    • Where: Rimini
    • Distance: 27 km
    • Type: Children's park
    • Why to go: A big park dedicated entirely to children, games, shows with animation characters and thematic exhibitions to teach children the things of the world of adults, but fun!