Your holiday in Cesenatico

Finally vacation!!!
These are the first words of those who stay at the hotel Rosso Blu: happy holidays in Cesenatico awaits you for a stay full of quality, courtesy and the possibility to spend serene holidays by the sea.

A hotel in family management which will make you enjoy the real taste of being on holiday and at the same time feel at home: kindness, smiles and availability are the main element of our work and the key to a peaceful stay.

In a very central location in Cesenatico

Located in a strategic position on the Seafront of Cesenatico, hotel Rosso Blu is located just 200 metres from the historic centre and a few steps from the porto canale Leonardesco. Near to the street of Cesenatico, in a few-minute walk you can reach the places where are enclosed by the traditions of the sea life, and enjoy living in the first person!

Location also very convenient for the day, just 50 metres from the sea: just a quick walk and find yourself already at the beach with your feet in the sand.

A hotel for families

Many services dedicated to the children in our family hotel in Cesenatico, to ensure children comfort and serenity, and the parents of the yet to spend a holiday in total relaxation. In the room, at a restaurant, but also at the beach: discover all the comforts to which we have thought about it!

And in addition, one staff considerate and helpful, ready to dispense hugs and smiles to all the little guests!

All the taste of a holiday! New 2020

Our restaurant is also open to external clients, and from this year, with mouth-watering news! In our garden you will find a nice corner where you can enjoy buns Gourmet and classic, with always fresh products and the territory, as well as delicious drinks and appetizers.
Opening Saturday the 18th of July, ideal for lunch, dinner, and appetizers. Check out our Menu, Seaside Food & Drink

Not only in the summer

We wait for you to discover Cesenatico throughout the year with events and exhibitions the most famous as The Fish does holiday and the Santa Claus Village or music festivals and the theatre and exhibitions at the art galleries. We are also open for new year's Eve!

Also available are discounts for groups and discounts for groups.

Are you interested in? Contact us for further information

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