Amusement parks

The Adriatic coast is the birthplace of amusement parks and theme parks that guarantee a holiday full of joy.

Theme/amusement parks, teaching and give the opportunity to young and old to transform your seaside holiday into something even more enjoyable and informative.


Only 1 km from the hotel, Atlantica is the Park of Cesenaticoche will allow you to spend a day alternative to the sea. Lots of fun for fans of fountains, pools and slides that will spend a day in mirth among water features and greenery.


Is located in Ravenna, Mirabilandia is the most famous amusement park in Italy. You can find attractions for adults and children: for those looking for adrenaline and speed, water features and a park area dedicated to kids. There are also live shows, musicals and entertainment.

Italy in miniature

Educational Park located in Rimini, Italy in miniature will allow you to visit all of Italy in one day: a faithful reproduction of the boot and its wonders to scale with over 270 between squares, monuments and art venues.

Zoo Safari

Located in Ravenna, about 20 km from the hotel, is a newly built Park where you can see up close, but safely, the most popular savanna animals: Lions, Tigers, elephants, antelopes, giraffes, hippos and many more!


In Riccione, just emerged from the exit. A theme park where nature and science come together: from the big bang to the present day, an exciting journey into the evolution of the Earth with its plants and animals, the Dolphin lagoon and the Petting Zoo.


The park entirely dedicated to children : Riviera's most famous games, shows with characters from animation and special exhibits to teach children the things of the world, but having fun. For a family day out loads of serenity and joy.

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